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Teeth Whitening in Mississauga

The Reasons You To While Opting For Teeth Whitening Mississauga You may be regular in brushing your teeth. But only brushing does not ensure whitened teeth for life. Also, brushing and glossing is not the only means to healthy teeth. There are many chances that your teeth might get a little yellowish and you might need the urge of teeth whitening. As per the American Association’s survey, 90% of the people wanted to get teeth whitening done.

Why do your teeth change color and that you felt the need for teeth whitening Mississauga

-Food and Drinks

Most common reason for your changed teeth color could be food and drinks. While coffee and tea are major tooth staining agents, spiced food and wine could also lead to the staining of your teeth. These food items contain color pigments known as chromosomes that attach to your teeth and are hard to remove.

-Chewing Tobacco

Tobacco contains Tar and Nicotine. Tar is a dark chemical which effects the teeth severely and if consumed regularly, it necessitates teeth whitening Mississauga for any person to get back the whiteness in their teeth. Nicotine is a color less chemical which in contact with oxygen turns yellow in color.


As you get older, the outer shell of the teeth, also known as enamel, starts to get thinner and ultimately vanishes with time. The loss of enamel is majorly caused due to brushing activity and over brushing may lead to the quicker loss of dentin. Beneath the enamel is a yellow colored surface known as dentin which appears as you keep losing enamel. Teeth whitening Mississauga helps recover the original white color in your teeth and the coverage of Dentin.


Many medicines cause the side effect of staining the tooth of a person and pave the requirement for teeth whitening Mississauga in him. Especially in the medications treatments of antihistamines, anti psychotics and high blood pressure medications, teeth darkening is a common side effect. Also, teeth whitening Mississauga is necessary for the young children who have been exposed to antibiotics such as tetracycline and doxycycline when their teeth are in the formation stage, teeth darkening is a common sight.

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