Teeth Whitening Before And After

Teeth Whitening Before And After

Our confidence resides in our smile. Teeth Whitening has become the go-to option for many Mississauga residents. Wondering what the effects of teeth whitening are? Read on to find out!

A dazzling smile is everyone’s dream and it has become so much easier to obtain after teeth whitening became a trend. One of the cheapest methods to get a bright smile, teeth whitening is a great cosmetic dentistry solution for everyone. If you’re scheduled for one, our before and after teeth whitening guide can definitely help you stay prepared for the procedure and keep your teeth white longer.

What should you do before your teeth whitening procedure?

The teeth whitening procedure is relatively simple. However, certain precautions must be taken before you start it. The following tip
s must be followed:

  •  Brush and floss your teeth before teeth whitening
  •  Notify your dentist of any fillings or crowns
  •  Ensure your dentists does an initial exam

Ensuring your teeth are clean is very important before teeth whitening. The cleaner your teeth, the
more even your results will be. A dentist usually performs teeth cleaning before he starts the teeth
whitening procedure. However, doing your part can help you not only speed up the process but also
make sure your teeth are well whitened.

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What should you do after teeth whitening?

Once your teeth are whitened, your dentist will guide you on how to keep them white and healthy after
the procedure. Here is a few tips for a long-lasting, confident and bright smile:

    •  Brush your teeth twice a day
    •  Floss regularly
    •  Do not eat food items which stain
    •  Avoid sugary drinks

These after teeth whitening rules can help you keep your confidence and smile brighter for a longer duration.

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Our office has always followed strict infection control standards, and in order to keep us all protected during this pandemic, and in the future, we have updated our safety protocols.

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