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Have you had a teeth cleaning done before? Read on to find out all about the process, when should you do it and why!

Not many of us are fans of being in the dentist’s chair. However, oral hygiene cannot be ignored as it is the key to overall health. A large number of Canadians suffer from various types of oral problems ranging from cavities to scurvy. Simple teeth cleaning procedure can help you reduce your risk by quite a margin.

What does the teeth cleaning process involve?

The basic teeth cleaning procedure involves the following steps

An examination of your teeth not only helps the dentist assess how he will go about the dental procedure but also what kind of diseases have manifested themselves in your mouth. A simple examination can save you from mouth cancer.

The second step is to clean the plaque and tartar build-up. This helps avoid germs and damage to your teeth. It also gives the enamel present on your teeth the chance to restore itself and protect your teeth better.

The third step is all about cleaning your teeth with a gritty toothpaste and flossing. This process helps remove all the residual particles which have settled in your mouth with ease.

When and why should you go for teeth cleaning?

The “when” of it really depends on how seriously you take your dental hygiene. There isn’t a rule of thumb on this. However, a general check-up is recommended twice a month.

Teeth cleaning helps improve overall health and rids of your teeth of potential disease-causing agents. A small investment in your oral health today can help you avoid a gigantic bill tomorrow. Teeth cleaning helps you smile worry-free.

Smile bright and happy with The Smile Centre. Call us to book you teeth cleaning appointment today!