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Normal teeth whitening leaves your teeth as bright as pearls. So why should you go for the laser? What are the benefits of this method? Read on to find out.

The need to brighten up a dull smile has become one of the foremost among citizens of Mississauga, Canada. Laser teeth whitening has recently become the new “must-do” procedure. “Its faster, better and more effective”, say dentists in Mississauga. But what is so different about it from the normal teeth whitening procedures?

How does laser teeth whitening actually work?

While the normal procedure requires you to sit for several hours with a custom tray in your mouth, laser teeth whitening allows you to leave the dentist’s office in less than 20 minutes. The time depends on how much your teeth need to be whitened.

The time consumption of normal procedures take is eliminated by this method with ease. The laser teeth whitening process involves the use of gases like carbon or argon. These gases do not actually whiten the teeth. They are simply present to speed up the oxidation process for the teeth whitening. This is the trick which helps the process become so quick and effective.

The rest of the procedure is quite similar to that of normal custom fitted tray whitening methods. Even the laser teeth whitening procedure requires you to have a few sessions with custom fitted trays as they help keep your teeth white and bright for longer and ensure overall whitening.

Get your teeth to shine bright like diamonds with The Smile Centre’s laser teeth whitening procedures.

What are the benefits of laser teeth whitening?

The laser teeth whitening procedure offered by dentists across Mississauga have all the above benefits packed into their sessions.

The effectiveness of laser teeth whitening is not compromised because of its speed. The dentist you work with will ensure that your teeth are given all around protection and that they are all covered in the paste. They will even perform procedures before the teeth whitening process to keep any teeth from being avoided.

The biggest advantage of laser teeth whitening is its speed. From having to sit for hours on end at the dentist’s office to having to sit for a mere half an hour, technology has come a long way for teeth whitening procedures. Not only do we save a lot of time just sitting at the dentist’s office, but we also get the same or sometimes even better results with such procedures.

The speed of laser teeth whitening procedures does not mean that they will fade away as quickly. They have the tendency to last really long and make themselves a good return on your investment when maintained with proper eating habits and avoiding food which stains your teeth.

Another benefits of teeth whitening are the ease with which they are done. The simplicity of this procedure contributes to its speed and helps you feel more comfortable. Gone are the days you had to lose your comfort to gain your pearly whites.

Enjoy a bright and confident smile with The Smile Centre’s laser teeth whitening procedures.