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Dental implants are the anchor your broken teeth need. Find out everything you need to know about how dental implants work below!

Most of us have been involved in fights or simply fallen down and broken our teeth. A missing tooth is such an embarrassment and having to get dentures simply adds to the nightmare. This is where dental implants come in handy. They allow the user to feel as if they have real teeth because dental implants are anchored into your gums just like a real tooth would be.

What are the different parts of a dental implant?

A dental implant consists of three parts:

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How do dental implants work?

The first thing a dentist has to check when you go in for a dental implant is whether your gums are healthy, and the jawbone is fully developed. Having these two key features could save you from getting dentures!

Once the dentist has ensured you are a healthy candidate, he will begin the procedure by numbing the area of operation. They will then drill a small hole through your gum to find a space for the base or the screw.

Once the screw is fit in snugly, the connector which is usually hexagonal in shape is fit on to the base and forms a mediator between the crown and the base. The crown or artificial tooth is fit in on top of the connector giving you a strong and durable structure.

Why should you go for dental implants?

Dental implants provide a strong structure and a longer lasting solution than most procedures. It even allows you to grow back the bone in your jaw making your teeth structure stronger and retaining its functionality to the fullest.

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