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Family Dentistry and General Dentistry have always been up for debate. What is the difference and which one should you choose for complete oral care for your family?

While both general and family dentistry requires the same amount of training, family dentists have a specialization in maintaining a healthy smile for all ages.

Do the services differ?

General dentistry covers normal dental procedures. They usually require specialists for more complex treatments. However, with a family dentist, this can be avoided. Family clinics, such as The Smile Centre, offer all-around services for every member of your family.

The ease of scheduling appointments for multiple family members, combined with the simplicity of making one trip to the dentist instead of multiple ones, makes family dentistry a more preferred choice when compared to general.

Give your family complete oral care at a single destination. Choose The Smile Centre for all-around family dentistry services.

Family dentistry seems the better choice for families. The question now arises, how to choose the best family dentist in your area?

5 Tips To Choose The Right Family Dentistry Practice:

Referrals are your key to making the right decision on whom your family dentist should be. Past patients, current patients and even your family and friends could be a great help when trying to understand whether a dentist is right for your family. You can narrow down your list of potential candidates with reliable referrals.

Once you have a candidate finalized, you should definitely go check out their clinic. State of the art facilities and infrastructure guarantees a better, quicker and healthier experience every time. The better the facilities, the better treatment you will receive as the dental world has progressed immensely in identifying diseases before they manifest.

Every member of your family has different needs when it comes to oral health. The kids may require braces, the seniors may require dental implants and so on. Ensuring your family dentist can cover all your concerns with ease must definitely be a priority. This not only saves you from the hassles of finding another dentist, but it also ensures you don’t have to suffer any issues with history and other aspects.

Most family dentists have very children friendly, comfortable facilities. The thing you really have to look into is if your child is adapting to this environment and will be comfortable coming here for procedures. Take your child along with you and see how they are treated by the staff, the dentist and how they like the surroundings. This could save you from any fussing in the future.

Another big hassle that arises usually is the payment method. Ensuring that your insurance is accepted at the clinic you have chosen is a very important task. What the modes of payment are and how flexible the clinic is on their acceptance should be found out. You don’t want to be caught with a hefty bill and useless insurance coverage.

Get these items off your checklist for a happy dental experience.

The Smile Centre gives you a friendly, hassle-free dental experience. Become a new patient at Mississauga's most reliable family dentistry clinic.