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5 Reasons to visit an Emargency Dentist in Mississauga

Accidents are not predictable. You may have to visit an emergency dentist in Mississauga at any point, maybe even in the middle of the night. Taking care of your teeth is of the utmost importance in any such situation. Emergency dentists in Mississauga provide proper care and treatment for your teeth even at late night. There are multiple reasons you might have to visit an emergency dentist in Mississauga, here are a few:

1. Broken teeth.

There may have been times when you were playing around or generally having fun and it was ruined by the fact that your teeth got knocked out. At this point and in such a situation you should meet an emergency dentist in Mississauga. If the tooth is not too damaged, your emergency dentist in Mississauga might be able to reattach it and cause you no loss. But this treatment can be performed only within two hours from the time of injury or accident. That is why it is better to find an emergency dentist in Mississauga at the earliest.

2. Chipped teeth.

While eating any form of hard or difficult to bite food item, our teeth may get chipped. This can also occur due to some injury or accident. At such a time it is advisable to go to an emergency dentist in Mississauga and make sure that the chipped tooth has proper cover. If your tooth or teeth which have been chipped are not taken care of immediately then it could lead to further chipping and may sometimes even lead to breakage of the tooth. Immediate care should be provided to the tooth from an emergency dentist in Mississauga. If treatment is avoided, it can even lead to infection and further decay of the tooth.

3. Loss of filling or crown.

Sometimes erosion or non-settlement of the filling you have had done in your cavity or cavities may come off. This can cause pain and also provide a chance for germs, bacteria and viruses to attack your already vulnerable tooth. This can be prevented if you visit an emergency dentist in Mississauga and get it refilled. Your crown can also break
sometimes and leave your teeth open for infestation.

4. Broken or dislocated jaw.

It could happen that you have dislocated your jaw in an accident. The dislocated jaw must be brought back to the original position as quickly as possible. If this is not done, there could be further complications and disruptions which could even go on to affect your teeth and give you a bad bite. In such cases, you must visit an emergency dentist in Mississauga for immediate care and treatment.

5. Toothache.

This is perhaps the most common reason to visit an emergency dentist in Mississauga. The severity of the toothache will determine the need to visit the dentist. It could be caused due to various reasons and some of them require immediate care and attention or they could become infected or septic.

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