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Experience a healthy and complete smile with dental implants. Read on to find out their advantages.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a tooth replacement structure. It mimics the entire tooth and helps maintain the functionality of our mouth. The implant usually consists of a prosthetic and a screw.

The screw holds the bone structure in place while the prosthetic provides a normal look and feel to the entire set up.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants have the following benefits:

The prosthetics used to cover up the screw of a dental implant are made from materials which can be doctored to look like natural teeth. Dentists in Mississauga provide a variety of customizable options, ensuring your experience with dental implants is only happy.

Dental implants are a strong structure. The screw is made up of metal and is kept in place with natural support. This ensures long-lasting, low maintenance set up. It not only helps you smile better but more confidently.

Once the tooth has fallen out, the bones tend to lose their strength and start to move from their place. With the help of dental implants, they can be kept in their original structure form. Dental implants even allow them to regenerate providing a better structure than before.

The function of the mouth can be affected if a tooth is lost. Implants help retain them with ease. A person who has undergone this treatment will be able to chew and speak as they normally would.

It also prevents the neighbouring teeth from moving which works to retain the structure of the teeth. The maintained structure does not allow your face to lose its elasticity and works to prevent premature sagging.

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