Have you heard about zoom teeth whitening? Wondering if it is the right choice for you? Find out about how it works by reading on!

Teeth discolor with age. Stains from your favorite drinks and food, alcoholic substances and the fading of your enamel can affect your teeth and leave you feeling conscious about your looks and making you hide your smile!

Zoom teeth whitening allows you to let go of all these inhibitions and embrace your smile! How? Well, it removes the flaws you want to hide! You can bring your teeth back to their natural allure with the help of zoom teeth whitening!

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What is the procedure for zoom teeth whitening?

The zoom teeth whitening procedure is pretty simple and gives maximum results when performed by an expert. The procedure includes

  •  Regular teeth cleaning
  •  Covering of lips and mouth
  •  Zoom whitening gel is applied
  •  Zoom light is used to break the discoloration
  •  Few minutes later, you have white teeth!

The zoom teeth whitening procedure calls for a regular teeth cleaning to ensure that every part of your mouth receives the cleaning. This also leaves you with better oral health and your mouth is cleaner, brighter and healthier!

The mouth and lips are covered to help the dentist to reach your teeth with the most accuracy and not harm any other parts in the process. The zoom light is used along with the gel which contains hydrogen peroxide to break the discoloration and remove any sort of hard stains which do not go with just brushing

The process is much faster when compared to normal teeth whitening procedures. This makes it a more sought after option and it also gives much better results! The sessions could be done multiple times to give you the maximum effect and the shade you desire!

What should you know about care after the procedure?

The after care procedure is fairly simple and does not require a lot of effort on your part. You may have to avoid certain types of foods and beverages for a while to prevent any new stain from forming.

Your dentist may advise you to use certain touch up kits and whitening toothpastes to maintain the results of the zoom teeth whitening procedure for the maximum time. Please follow your dentist’s instructions very carefully.

What are the costs involved and how much time will it take?

The Zoom teeth whitening procedure is quite quick when compared to normal procedures. The time taken may vary on the shade you want as your result and how many sessions you may have to sit for. The dentist can guide you on the above after they have a normal check-up. The cost of getting zoom teeth whitening done will vary with the amount of work you have to get done before you begin the procedure.

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