Have Your Questions on Lumineers Dental Answered Right Here:

Have Your Questions on Lumineers Dental Answered Right Here:

Have Your Questions on Lumineers Dental Answered Right Here:

Most of us, at Mississauga, fall back on our oral hygiene and health maintenance, and over the years find ourselves shrinking our smiles to hide the evident blots and erosions. As easy as it has become to avoid most mistakes we make with our access to technology, the dental health is no behind. We, at Mississauga, yet stand a chance to illuminate our smiles with natural looking flawless teeth with dental lumineers. These are extra thin (approximately .2 mm) plates made of a ceramic known as Cerinate attached over your teeth.

Dental Lumineers at Mississauga offer a translucent material to work with, which helps you achieve natural looking teeth in spite of adding a layer of ceramic over them. These plates are simply placed and bonded over your natural teeth with minimal or no grinding at all. Here we have tried to answer the most common questions we get asked about from our patients which might answer some of yours as well.

Veneers or Lumineers?

The most common dilemma one faces during such a treatment in Mississauga, is whether one should go for dental lumineers or traditional veneers. Let us try our best to give you clarity on the differences between both. To start with lumineers are nothing but a sub-category or sub-brand of veneers. They are the same solution, but with a different material to work with. Giving lumineers a difference of approximately 3 mm, minimal tooth preparation is needed before the process.

How Long do Dental Lumineers last?

The ceramic, Cerinate, is distributed by Den-Mats with a guarantee of 5 years. However, most cases show no alteration requirement until 10-15 years, which gives a good tenure for a cosmetic dental treatment to last.

Can Lumineers Cover Gaps? Can Lumineers Straighten Crooked Teeth?

There questions can be unavoidable and as well are the most necessary to be cleared. Dental Lumineers are ideal for hiding stains, unevenness or other damages made on the enamel. They also can cover the gaps formed between teeth effectively. The can brighten dull teeth, align crooked teeth and reshape misshapen teeth as well.

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