24 Hour Emergency Dental Clinic in Mississauga

24 Hour Emergency Dental Clinic in Mississauga

Emergency situations can occur at any time! You need to be prepared especially if it is a dental emergency! Are you ready to deal with it? Do you have a 24 hour emergency dental clinic lined up?

Most of us avoid going to the dentist for regular check-ups, some of us are just plain afraid of the dentist’s chair! But an emergency situation can definitely send us speeding towards a clinic for a complex procedure! But are we really aware of what must be done in case of an emergency?

Have we prepared ourselves adequately?

The answer to most of those questions is usually a negative one! But it is never too late to begin! Even if we have never faced an emergency before, it is important to know what can we do till a dentist can tend to us and how we can find a 24 hour emergency dental clinic in Mississauga!

What counts as a dental emergency?

  •  Broken tooth
  • Loose tooth
  •  Misaligned teeth
  •  Broken or injured tissue
  •  Facial pain
  •  Chipped or fractured tooth


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What are the steps to take in case of an emergency?

Dental emergencies have to be dealt with in different ways. A few general steps may however be followed to perform a little first aid to prevent your teeth from further damage!

If your teeth is broken, fractured or has come out, keep it in a small box. This can be helpful if your teeth can be reattached. The dentist will be able to perform quicker treatment if your affected tooth is not infected and is still in a good condition!

In case you have loose teeth, misaligned teeth or chipped teeth, call your dentist immediately! These have to be fixed immediately. They may even have to be pulled out if they are beyond repair and it is better if this is done before they do any harm to your other teeth!

If you have unbearable pain, take a low dose pain reliever! These are available easily at any pharmacy and can help you handle the pain till you reach the dentist’s office. The dentist can then determine and eliminate the actual problem. The pain reliver would provide a small relief.

If you are bleeding, you should try to stop the blood flow by applying pressure to the affected area! If you have extreme blood loss, you could be in grave danger. Applying pressure can help you keep the blood from flowing and help you reach the dentist so you can be attended to.

In case of any other dental emergency, it is wise to immediately either call up your emergency dentist or to visit them. Make sure you have the right contact details of the 24 hour emergency dental clinic or the dentist you go to.

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