24 hour dental emergency care

24 hour dental emergency care

Have you ever encountered a dental emergency? What should you do when you do?

Dental emergencies are more common than a person thinks. Thankfully, they are not of severe types. A dental emergency can be dealt with easily if your dentist offers 24 hour dental emergency care. They can provide you with the required treatments and emergency attention that you may require.

What qualifies as a dental emergency?

There are a few situations which have to be dealt with immediately and which would otherwise lead to further damage to your tooth.

  •  Broken, chipped, knocked out tooth
  •  Bleeding from gums or mouth
  •  Severe pain
  •  Injury in accident or other cases

A 24 hour dental emergency clinic will be able to deal with all of this with ease and provide comfort quickly.

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What do to in a dental emergency?

The first rule is not to panic! It could be severe, but a 24 hour emergency clinic will be ready and well equipped to deal with anything.

If you have broken or chipped tooth, it is not that hard to care for. If the pain isn’t very severe, you can take your time. Call your 24 hour emergency dentist and schedule an appointment for a check-up. In the meantime, a cold compress or clove oil could help control the pain.

Bleeding gums and mouth are a bad sign. They require immediate attention. You can help by trying to stop the blood flow a bit. However, it is highly recommended you see your 24 hour emergency dentist and get treated appropriately at the earliest.

Severe pain in the tooth, could be cause by a host of reasons. Infections, cavities and others can be treated by your emergency dentist. You just have to schedule an appointment and visit them.

If you have been involved in an injury or accident, get help from your dentist immediately as the case could be severe. A dentist can help you avoid heavy damage to your mouth and can get you the required care.

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